Nepal on Dutch TV, a background for the Report about Sahara Giri
And a compilation made by NCELL about the follow-up after the earthquakes

This overview of TV productions is made available as backgound information to the Report about Sahara Giri
and her projects about Street Harassment and Violence Against Women.

"About trafficking and Kamlari" a 51 minutes production of Peter R deVries, on TV in 2014, April 25

"Nepal, a compilation by NCELL" a lot of videoclips in just over 4 minutes
that show how Nepal coped with the Earthquakes in 2015 on April 25 and May 12
This compilation was made available August 2015.

"Nepal a half year later" that shows how Nepal was hit by the Earthquakes in 2015
and the way the people repair the damage.
This production takes some 46 minutes and was first presented in 2015, November 1st.

"Doutzen in Nepal" getting the struggle of nepalese people in view about childrens problems.
In 26 minutes you can follow Doutzen Kroes on her Journey that was shown 2015, December 20.

"Floortje visits Surkhet" a report of the Orphanage in Surkhet Nepal,
brought to TV in 35 minutes by Floortje Dessing in 2016, January 27.

Saturday February 13, 2016 the Dutch TV had a news-item about Nepal.
This news-item of about 3 minutes is dedicated to the problems in Nepal after the Earthquakes.

The millions of Euros that are donated to help the Nepalese rebuild there Homes
are somehow blocked and about none are made available to diminish the actual need
where many are dying of the cold in Tents and temporary metal Shelters.

A couple of reports about visiting Nepal, shown on Belgian TV, March 2013
(about 15 minutes each) are added to the list by this link.

On May 9, 2016 a Statusreport was presented on Dutch TV: NOS - Pauw in Nepal, about 43 minutes.
This describes the Situation of Rebuild and the spending of Help one year after the Earthquakes.

On July 7, 2016 a Report was presented on Dutch TV: Wedding Day in Nepal, about 43 minutes.
This describes the Situation of Child Marriage in Nepal in 2015.

A Report about the fight against Child Abuse was presented on Dutch TV, November 6, 2016.
It shows Winston Gerschtanowitz helping Terre des Hommes in Nepal, about 25 minutes.