In this Document you can see a Description of the Status and History of Sahara Giri
during the Years 2072-2073 BS (April 2015 up to June, 2020 AD).
This Link brings you to
Saras-biography of 2071 BS and before.

2072 BS

The Start of this Year

In April 2015 Sara completed her Education for the extended Schoolprogram Plus2 in Hotelmanagement and Tourism.
This concluded her Study at Texas Int'l HSS/College. The final Exams to conclude this Schooling were planned for May 2015.


On April 25, 2015 Nepal was hit with a very heavy Earthquake (7.8 Richter).
After a lot of smaller following Quakes a double heavy Earthquake hit the village Kurani
where Sara's Parents live. This was 7.3 Richter and again 6.8 on May 12.
As a result of these Desasters many Buildings were destroyed and lots of People were hit.

With luck Sara's Parents and Family all suvived but their House did not.
Of the Caddle only the Yak was saved while this one was working in the Fields. Goats and Chickens died.

Interruption of the Plans

The schooling Program came to a stop.
The Exams to get the formal Results of the Schooling were postponed.

Sara's wish to continue her Education to the level of Bachelor did have some Difficulties,
because the Exam-results did not come available and all of the Community was in trouble.

Education System in Nepal

To explain the Education System in Nepal a Comparison with the Dutch system is available
on a Website, it can also be downloaded here.
An overview of the Diplomas compared to the international Recognition is available here.


After a while Sara managed to get the Forms for subscibing to the Bachelor Program accepted.
A preliminary Entry-test she made gave good Results at 87%,
as did the Results of the delayed final Exams of the Plus2 Program.
Sahara's Grade XII certificate for the Plus2 program Sahara's letter of Admission to SMSH


In the Months following the Earthquake the Community tried to pick up normal Life.
Democracy also tended to grow, but as brandnew democratic State Nepal made some Mistakes
with the acceptance of a new Constitutional Law.
This resulted in a Blockade of almost all Traffic along the main Route from India.
Import became almost impossible due to this Strike,
so Nepal now suffers a serious Shortage of Gas, Petrol and other imported Goods.
The Buffalo of Sara's Family that survived the Earthquakes sadly got a Disease
and despite multiple Treatment died on January 20, 2016.

Change of Life

For her housing Sara had to leave the Hostel after her final Exam of the Plus2 Classes.
She rented a Room in the Centre of Kathmandu (old Baneshwor)
and in that Location she provided Shelter to her elder Sister with Daughter
who were coming to Kathmandu for a Roof after being hit in their Living by the Quakes.

Due to crowded Space they decided to rent a larger Dwelling in one of the Outskirts of Kathmandu,
sharing the Cost for this little House.
They now live in Narayantar, close to the Jorpati-Sankhu Road, just west of the Bridge
over the Bagmati River (about 2 km east of Boudhanath Tibetan Stupa).
Sahara's house in Narayantar

Economic News

On Friday February 5, 2015 a Group of Citizens from Nepal and India has broken
the Roadblock on the Birgunj Border that was surrected 135 Days earlier.

The commercial Problems that came from this Roadblock were a multiple of
the Damage by the Earthquakes in April and May 2015.

Now that this Traderoute is available again the 'normal' Situation in Nepal will hopefully
be restored in a few Weeks, but the Restoration of the Buildings may take much more Time.

430 Aftershocks over 4.0

A shock of Magnitude 5.5 was registered in the Sindhupalchok District in Nepal
at 20:05 local Time on Friday February 5, 2016.

In the same District Aftershock number 430 has been counted.
This Aftershock of the Earthquake of April 25, 2015 had local Magnitude of 4.6
and was registered Wednesday February 10, 2016 at around 22:12 local Time.
source: The Himalayan Times, February 10, 2016

This Tremor had its Epicentre 6.6 kilometers north of Chautara, the administrative Centre of the District.
The village Kurani, subject of this website, is about 5 Kilometers west of Chautara
and less than 8 kilometers from this Epicentre.
In many Districts including Kathmandu Valley the Shock was felt.

On February 24, 2016 in the Sindhupalchok District Shock number 434 over Magnitude 4.0
was registered at 15:07 local Time, this one with Magnitude 5.4
Source: The Himalayan Times, February 25, 2016

Following the Aftershocks 430 and 434 Sara's Mother had to be treated in Hospital in Kathmandu.
She has to revisit this Hospital on a weekly Basis, so for a while she will stay with Sara and her Sister.

Start of first Semester

The economic Problems are slowly accepted/partly solved,
so the School for Sara's further Education started with a two-month Delay.
Sara has made her start in SMSH end of December 2015.
Sara with some class mates
Due to the shortages of Gas and other Imports the Lessons started with Theory only.
Sara is in Section B in this Schedule:
Section B is Sahara's class-schedule in SMSH

Midterm Exams first Semester

With a Delay of a Month the practical Lessons have started with "House Keeping", February 8.
The looks of the Uniform for these Parts of the Practicals:
looks of the house keepers looks of the servants
Uniforms for "Housekeeping" and "Service"

Results of "Service", starting March 1:
the table layout the food served

The midterm Exams of the first Semester started March 10, 2016.
This is concerning the theoretical Subjects only, with "Food Production Th 1" on Thursday,
then "English" on Friday. Monday was "Food and Beverage". Next Subject was "Hospitality Today" on Tuesday.
Last one in this Series was "Serve Safe" on Wednesday.
Sara experienced the Series of midterm Exams as 'Good'. First Official Score is at 78 %.

Parallel to the midterm Exams the practical Lessons for "Kitchen" are given.

The results of the "Kitchen" Practical look really tasty, see also the looks of the Staff at the last day of the Practicum March 22, 2016:
chicken cream soup tomato/olive pasta Sara as kitchen-staff

The practical Subjects are reviewed with the same Level of rating the theoretical Subjects get.

Following the Aftershocks of February 2016 in the Sindhupalchok District Saras Mother needed medical Treatment.
This medical Treatment is available in Kathmandu, so Saras Mother, Father and her Brother Sudip were
staying with Sara in the House she has rented together with her elder Sister Usha and Ushas Daughter.
Luckily the Treatment helped Saras Mother sufficiently, so now the Family returned to the Village Kurani.

New aftershocks keep hitting Sindhupalchok District.
Aftershocks are reported taking place in Dhading District with Magnitude 4.8 on March 13, 2016 at 11:35 am and again
Number 439 jolted Selang Village in the Sindhupalchok District on March 15, 2016 AD at 3:12 am
a Shock (called light) with Magnitude of 4.5 on Richters Scale. On Thursday March 24 at 23:11 once more a Jolt of 4.1 was recorded, this time near Lelep of Taplejung District
On March 31 a new aftershock of 4.0 occurred in the Sindhupalchok District
followed by number 444, this time it was 4.7 on Richters scale on April 4 at 10.16 with epicentre in Dolakha District.

Another aftershock created Panic

Saturday April 9, 2016 AD at 19:06 in the evening a new aftershock (#447 over 4.0) jolted Lalitpur/Kathmandu
with a magnitude of 4.5 on Richters Scale. At least 5 people got hurt in the resulting Panic Rush.

2073 BS

Full results of the 1st midterm exams

The full results of the midterm exams in the 1st semester are published April 14, 2016 AD.
Saras paper on Food and Beverage got valued at 19.5, Serve Safe got 23, Food Production Theory got 19,
Hospitality Today got 20, English got 20. Overall a score of 81.2%.
Sara was 5th best out of 35 students in section B.

Sara wrote a letter to thank the Sponsors

This letter is available here.
With the results of the midterm exams the decision of the sponsors
to send Sara to SilverMountain for her higher Education is confirmed.

Final exams for the first Semester of BHM classes in SMSH announced starting May 2, 2016 AD

SilverMountain published a schedule for the final exams of several Bachelor programs.

the schedule for SMSH final exam BHM 1st semester

The first exam in this series was "Serve Safe" on Monday May 2, 2016. Sara experienced it as "good".
Next subject, "Food & Beverage Service", on Wednesday May 4, was reported as a "tough" exam,
while Thursdays exam "Personality Development" on May 5, qualified as "good" again,
so did Fridays "English I" on May 6.

Then, Monday May 9, the subject was "Food Production Theory I", which was even "better".
The last one to do was "Hospitality Today" on Wednesday May 11, 2016 with little time to finish.

Sara met with an Accident. She was hit from behind by a Scooter

During the week of the final exams for BHM 1st Semester Sara was hit by a Scooter.
The driver of the Scooter did not confirm to the Rules for motorised Traffic,
driving at the wrong side of the road, so the Police was called to attention.
Sara was taken to the Hospital where she got treatment for Pain in her Back and a stiff Neck.
This driver did pay all fees for Saras medical needs.
Hopefully her exam results are not reduced by this incident.

Start of second Semester

The practical Subjects of first Semester are examined during the coming weeks,
parallel to the theoretical Subjects of second Semester which started Tuesday May 17, 2016.
The results of the final exams of first Semester will be published internally,
any failed exam will get retake until OK.
the subjects for SMSH BHM 2nd semester These are most of the Subjects for the second Semester BHM.

The schedules for the final practical exams of the 1st Semester:
the schedule for final practical exam F & B Service 1st Semester, see group G the schedule for final practical exam kitchen 1st Semester, see May 20 the schedule for final practical exam Frontoffice 1st Semester, see group G Sara is in Group G.

The scheme for the classes of the 2nd Semester:
the schedules for 2nd Semester, see group A In second Semester Sara is in Group A for theory subjects.
the schedules for 2nd Semester practical, see group D For practical subjects Sara is in Group D, each practical Subject runs for 6 days in a Cycle.
The first Cycle started Monday May 30, 2016.
This is also the day that the last of the final Exams of 1st Semester Practical is taken.
"Front Office", experienced by Sara as Fine.

Sara has been invited to present Career Counseling about Hotel Management (incl BHM course)
on Saturday May 28, 2016 to an Audience of '2016 Leaders' at WomenLEAD.
Sara presenting her career counseling

The results of the final Theory-Exams of first Semester are published

the results of SMSH final theory exams BHM 1st semester
Some details are a bit difficult to read in the picture, so Saras results are repeated here:

1. HT (hospitality today) 71
2. English 80
3. PD (personal development) 81
4. FP (food production) 85
5. Serve Safe 70
6. Food & Beverage Service 83
Results of the Practical Exams of first Semester are published July 6, 2016

In second Semester the Tasks for the Practicals are valued the same Day.

Sara prepared a Presentation for her Front-office Practical.
This presentation about "Passion for Excellency" was given on Friday July 1, 2016
starting at 8.00 AM local time.
a snippet of Saras presentation Sara showed her Powerpoint with additional comments,
which was valued immediately with the maximal Score of 20 Points for this Task.
Together with the previeus Task for Front-office she now has 64 out of 70 Points.
The last 30 Points will be available for the final Task around the end of
second Semester or early in third Semester.

Midterm Exams for second Semester as announced July 4, 2016.

The midterm Exams for second Semester of BHM for Saras Batch
in SMSH are running Thursday July 7 through Friday 15, 2016.
The schedule of 2nd Semester midterm theory Exams:
the schedule of 2nd semester midterm exams

Results of Saras Practical Exams of first Semester as published on July 6, 2016:

the results of SMSH final exams BHM 1st semester

7. Front Office practical 76
8. Housekeeping practical 82
9. F&B (food and beverage) practical 80
10. Kitchen practical 85

Informal Results of midterm Exams 2nd Semester
First midterm Exam of 2nd Semester, Personality Development, was 'good' as Sara reported.
The second one, Wine & Bar, was also 'good'. She could attain all Questions.
The Accounts Exam was 'fine' as expected, Food Production Theory II could be better.
Business Communication Exam was 'good' again, for Sustainable Tourism the Results are to be waited for...

Presentation about Concierge for 30 exam-points

On Friday August 5, 2016 a group of students made a Presentation about the function of Concierge in a Hotel.
This presentation can get them a score of 30 points for their final Exam of second Semester.
To view this presentation follow this link.

Medium- to Long-term Planning

For a relatively Long-term some planning is done.
Two different Projects are coming up:
Sara for Barista course commercialBarista course, inclusive in the SMSH schedule,
to be held in Dashain Holiday, October 2016.
The other Planning item is the Internship of 5th Semester, starting October 2017.
Sara has expressed her preference for an Internship abroad, in the Netherlands.
This needs some intensive investigation for Visa, Working Permit, Opportunities, etc.
Eventually she can fill this in as part of a Team with one of her Classmates.

Results of the midterm Exams in the second Semester

The midterm Exams for second Semester of BHM for Saras Batch
in SMSH as were taken Thursday July 7 through Friday 15, 2016
are valued with the following Results:
the results of 2nd semester midterm exams
Sara scored 16,18,19,22,20,21.5,19 out of 25 Marks each, which is amply over Average.(top 10)

Start of the Series of final Exams 2nd Semester

Monday, August 22, 2016 the first of the Series of final Exams
of the second Semester for the 2015 Batch BHM has been given.
This one was for 'Service'. Saras Result is reported as 'Good'.
Next practical Exam was 'Kitchen', Friday August 26, 2016. Reported result 'All OK'.
Then, before the end of August, a Report about a Trekking Route has been delivered.Score is 20 of max 25 points.
The practical about 'Front Office' has passed Thursday September 1, 2016.
This exam was held as 'Viva', an oral Interview on a personal Basis, experienced as 'Good'.

The date of final Exams of the theoretical Subjects is planned

The Exams of the theoretical Subjects of the second Semester BHM
for the 2015 Batch is planned tot start Tuesday September 27, 2016.
The Scheme of the different Subjects runs to October 6 for the final Subject.
the scheme for 2nd semester final exams
Next is the Barista Training-course as mentioned.
This course will run after Dashain till Tihar Festival.

Shortly after Dashain an online Course is due, ending in an online Exam for AHA
to add this Certificate to the official Diploma of SilverMountain.

The final Theory-Exams of second Semester have passed

The final Exams of theoretical Subjects have passed Tuesday September 27 through October 6.
The first Subject, being Food Production Theory II, was reported 'OK' by Sara.
The second Exam, Business Communication, was 'Good' as well.
'Accounts' was the third, Sara did 'Very well' on this one.
Another Subject reported as 'Good' was 'Sustainable Tourism'.
'Managing Front Office' also 'Went Well' after the weekend.
The Exam about 'Wine and Bar' was reported as 'Ok'.
The 'Personal Development' Exam got commented as 'Mine was Good'.
The 'English' Exam was easily done with just one missed word.
Last action was to deliver the written report of the practical Exam 'Front Office'.

The Barista Training is delayed, to many candidates away.

As announced the Barista Training for all Services at the Coffee-bar
would start Monday, October 17, 2016 and continue over two weeks.
Because to many candidates are out of the Kathmandu valley the actual start is delayed
and will happen when normal lessons for next Semester start.
This Training is offered at SilverMountain who joined hands
with country's no #1 coffee brand "Himalayan Java"
as a part of promoting Nepalese coffee.

A new project will be executed to get 'Online' to follow the course for AHA,
which is American Hospitality Academy. This doubles the value of the SMSH-Diploma.

The online course of American Hospitality Academy has started.

With some collaboration with neighbors (sharing the costs) Sara got Internet connection.
Due to infrastructural difficulties of the Internet-providers new connections could not be supplied immediately.
Right on the same day she started her online course (October 25, 2016).
first results of the first test in this course gave 80% score.

Classes for 3rd semester BHM started at SMSH

The classes for 3rd semester BHM of the 2015 Batch have started.
The schedule includes french language and also provides training
to write decent CV and application letters for internship in 5th semester.
Sara expressed a wish to fill in her internship in the Netherlands,
which results in a search for possible placement.

New training for Sahara Giri in 5 * Hotel

Starting November 26, 2016 a new training task is made available in
one of the 5 * Hotels in Kathmandu.
Each Saturday and Sunday Sahara is welcome in the luxury Shangri-La Hotel
to get extra training for the best experience to support her education.

Internship is offered by NH-Hotel Leeuwenhorst

The 5th semester of the Bachelor program is to be executed as Internship
in a 4 or 5 Star Hotel, preferably abroad. In Saharas case it will be filled in with
NH-Hotel Congress Centre Leeuwenhorst located near Noordwijkerhout Netherlands.
In the same period classmate Prem Tamang will do Internship with Radisson Blu,
located in Noordwijk aan Zee, Netherlands.
For this group (the 2015 Batch of SilverMountain) 5th Semester starts October 2017 till March 2018.

Final exam results 2nd Semester BHM in SMSH for 2015 Batch published

Today, December 12, 2016 the results of the final exams for the 2015 Batch
of SMSH Bachelor Hotelmanagement has been published.
Our Student Sahara got fine results as (shared) #3 of the group with an average of 81%.
In the official Ranking the highest score is 43, Saras score is 41.
Her detailed score consists of the following figures:
Business Communication 82, Account 91, Food Production Theory 73, Wine & Bar 78,
Personality Development 91, Front Office 77, Sustainable Tourism 80,
Front Office Practical 85, Food & Beverage Practical 77, House Keeping Practical 75, Kitchen Practical 79.
the results of 2nd semester final exams

Planning for Saharas Internship is almost in final Stage

In the course for Bachelor HotelManagement at Silvermountain the 5th Semester
is normally defined as 'working Internship' in Nepal or Abroad.
Our Sahara is about halfway 3rd Semester now, resulting in the duty to start
'formal regulations' for Internship in fifth Semester, because official procedures
regularly takes time to get Visa and WorkingPermit if this Internship is Abroad.
In her evaluations Sahara was in top 10, so she got admitted to apply for going Abroad.
This resulted in an Obligation to Silvermountain that required the Schoolfees
for 4th and 5th Semester to be payed in advance.
That being done gives opening to the official signatures on the contracts
that make the position available.
The necessary signatures of Silvermountain and Sahara are placed on the relevant Documents.
The next step is to have the Dutch Hotel of her choice sign, then the procedure goes to the
Immigration and Naturalisation Service to get her a Visa and WorkingPermit.

Midterm Exams for third Semester finished

Starting January 16 the midterm exams of the theory subjects are held.
One week earlier the practical midterm exams were started,
some of these are final exams for 3rd Semester.
the scheme of 3rd semester midterm exams
On Monday January 9 the first and final practical Exam 'Service' immediately followed
the visit to the Dutch Counseling for the procedures to get Internship.
With her Book Review Sara got 24 out of 25 points for midterm Business Communication exam.
The first result of the theory-exams: Front-Office was 'good ☺☺'. Next was Food & Beverage Management, result 'good',
same results for Food Production Theory and Housekeeping Practical
with Kitchen Practical and Wine & Bar 'good' as well, repeated 'good' for Sales & Marketing,
with French also reported as 'good' as last theory-midterm-exams of third Semester.
Kitchen Practical was the last one to do.

Schedule for end of 3rd Semester defined

Due to the massive number of students the planned internship of fifth Semester is devided.
Half of the 165 students will go in fourth Semester to Malaysia and similar countries or stay in Nepal.
Because these students also are supposed to take part in a Group-task this task,
originally belonging to fourth Semester, has to be finished in the end of third Semester.
In detail: This project is a part of the Food and Beverage subject called "feasibility study".
It is a hundred Marks project. The college decides on the group, place and uniform for the project.
The Judge for the Project will decide on individual Marks.
Definition in hard Copy and soft Copy of the Project should be submitted by the 6th of March
Where and when of Final Presentation of this Project are not decided.

The final Exams of third Semester are planned to start by March 17.

In the same time-schedule a Sales-project is to be finalised as soon as
the Marketing Research is done. This report has to be delivered in the first week of April.

Around the end of fourth Semester SilverMountain will have Graduation and 15th Anneversary.
Sara has been appointed for the selection that is organising these Festivities
in a conjunction with people from Queen Margareth University.

Results of the midterm Exams of 3rd Semester published

Today the results of the midterm Exams of 3rd Semester are published.
Sahara got 24 for Business Communication II, Front Office II got her 17 points,
Sales & Marketing gave 17, French resulted in 28, Wine & Bar II was good for 20,
Food and Beverage Management result is 19, Food Production Theory III ended at 19 points.
the results of 3rd semester midterm exams

Procedure for Visa and Workingpermit formalized

For realization of Internship during 5th Semester the final procedure is started.
The definition of the contract between Sahara, NH-Hotel Leeuwenhorst and Silvermountain has been signed
and all needed documents are provided and authorized.
With these Documents the Application for Saharas Visa and Workingpermit has been deposited
at the Dutch Office of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) in Zwolle on Wednesday March 8, 2017.

Sara presented a Graduation Ceremony

On March 9, 2017 a Graduation Ceremony was presented with the Hostesses in traditional Sari.
Sara was one of those Hostesses, see Sahara in Sari for graduation ceremony 2017-03-09,
or this video presented as Valentine special by SilverMountain School of Hotelmanagement,

followed by a Video of the Slides for the grouptask-presentation of group G in the BHM course for Sara at SMSH,
presented March 18, 2017 in Bhangeri Resort (Nagarkot) for a 100 Marks result.

Final Theory Exams 3rd Semester scheduled

The schedule for the final Theory Exams for 3rd Semester BHM Batch 2015 is published.
First exam is Wine and Bar II on April 17, followed by Food & Beverage Management on April 18.
Next is Front Office Operation II on April 19, Business Communication III is due April 20.
Last two are Hospitality Sales & Marketing April 21 and Food Production Theory III on April 24.
see final exams 3rd sem

Final Exam French of 3rd Semester presented

The final Exam French for the 2015 Batch of BHM is presented Tuesday April 4.
With this Exam the series of final Exams for 3rd Semester has started early,
well before the common schedule of Theory Exams that run from Easter.

The the scheduled Exams have moved

On Monday April 17 the final Exam Wine and Bar was scheduled.
For Sara this Exam and all Exams have moved to start on Thursday April 20.
This was beneficial while she had to go for second Appointment for
a Root Canal Treatment to the Dentist in Hospital.
Next Treatment is on Saturday April 22. Wish her strength...

Preliminary Results of the final Exams of third Semester

Wine and Bar II was reported as 'good'.
Food and Beverage gave enthousiastic respons: 'awesome'.
Front Office II got the title 'going well'.
Business Communication III was OK too.
Skipping Hospitality Sales en Marketing, (a bit less),
the Last of the Exams, Food Production Theory III was 'OK'.

Disappointing News about the Internship in 5th Semester

The procedure to get Visa and Workingpermit to allow Sara for
her Internship during 5th Semester has been revoked by IND.
This Revokation is based on a negative Advice from the UWV,
which in turn has been based on possibly wrong interpretation of
the Rules and Regulations. Objection to this decision is still possible and has been submitted.
Hopefully this step in the formal procedure might lift the Revoke, but nothing is certain...

Lessons for 4th Semester started at May 16, 2017 AD

For the Bachelor course at SilverMountain School for Hospitality Management
the lessons for Fourth Semester of the 2015 Batch have started on
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 AD, that is Ma Galabara, Jestha 2, 2074 BS.
For this Semester Sara has been placed in Section B Section B Names
with this Schedule.Section B Names
In the Afternoon the practical training follows.

Results of final Exams 3rd Semester published

It took a while but the results of Saras final Exam of 3rd Semester
is something she can be proud of. To be more precise:
FPT III = 71; French = 75; FO III = 78; FBM = 75; Sales & Mkt = 70; BC II = 81; W&B II = 88;
HK Practical = 86; Service Practical = 74; Kitchen Practical = 85; FO Practical = 79
So she got promoted with a total of 861 Marks (actually 862) that is she is sixth with 78.28 %
Results final Exam 3rd Semester

Midterm Exams 4th Semester started on Monday July 3, 2017

The first of the series of Midterm Exams for Saras 4th Semester
at SilverMountain was presented on Monday the 3rd of July 2017.
Thereafter every weekday one Subject is scheduled with the last one on July 12.
Reaction to the first of the exams was 'Good'.
For the schedule see: Schedule of Midterm Exams 4th Sem.

Hearing about the rejection of Saras Visa

The preliminary rejection of Saras application for Visa and Workingpermit
resulted in formal objections, compared to the same application of someone other
that was allowed. This comparison now leads to a hearing on July 25
that could lead to allowance for Sara. Results will be reported here.
Due to miscommunication within the immigrations service the hearing is now planned for August 10.

Results of Midterm Exams 4th Semester Batch 2015 published

All results of the Midterm Exams for Sara are published.
She did very well with 18 points for Business Communication III,
20 for Food Production Theory IV, 22 for Hotel Engineering,
22,5 for Human Resource Management, 21 for Training & Development,
17 for Hospitality Management and 18,5 for House Keeping Management.
All together an average Result of almost 20 Points.
See line 10:
Results of Midterm Exams 4th Sem.

The Hearing for the Internship Visa was Disappointing.

The Hearing in the Headoffice of the Dutch Immigration Service (IND)
resulted in a feeling of Annoyance and Disappointment.
The functionary of UWV that handled the advice to IND refused to admit
the possibility of errors made. He insisted that even if no payment is required
this payment has to be at least 50 % of applicable minimal Wages
to warrent the cost of living and Return-Tickets after the Internship.
Comparison with the other cadidate that in the meantime did get the visa
convinced him however to review the procedure.
Results to be available within 5 more weeks...
something about last-minutes ?

Schedule for final Theory Exams 4th Semester published.

The final Theory Exams start on September 4 with Hotel Engineering
followed by Food Production Theory IV on September 6, then on September 7
Business Communication III, completing this week with Training & Development
on September 8. In the next week Hospitality Supervision fills September 11
with Managing Human Resource September 12 and Housekeeping Management September 13.
Schedule Final Exams 4th Sem.

Hotel Engineering gave feedback report: 'Good'. The same feedback came for
Food Production Theory IV: 'Good'. Business Communication III also reported as 'Good'.
Training & Development was described as 'The Best Exam Ever'.
The Exam 'Hospitality Management' was 'Good' again,
followed by 'Human Resource Management' which was 'Nice'
and finalised with 'Almost OK' for managing Housekeeping.

Final decision about Visa can be expected any minute (today is September 28).

During the hearing on August 10 the deadline for a final decision
was mentioned to be in 5 weeks. After about 10 days a declaration was
asked for, to solve the problem of financial security for the candidate.
This declaration has been sent to UWV, reception was signed on August 24.
On September 13 a copy of this declaration has been signed for by Dutch IND,
so any threshold should by now be flattened...(today is September 15)

Actually on September 26 a correction to the Declaration was requested.
This correction has been sent in and on September 28 UWV reported they
had all needed information and a Revised Report was sent to the Decisionmaker.
This Decisionmaker signalled the formal Decision would be announced within a week
after reception of the Revised Report.

Dutch Immigration Service decides not to decide in time.

The Official of Immigration refused to do her task as Final Responsible
in the procedure to validate the corrected document from UWV.
This results in a deadlock for the placement of Sara in the requested Hotel
for doing her internship. The Visa can not be made available without the
advice from UWV and that advice is lost in the internal mail like multiple other documents.
In this deadline situation Sara is forced to go with an other group of students
to do internship at the 5* Meydan Hotel in Dubai. The needed Visa for Dubai is
immediately available, so she will leave Kathmandu on October 13.

Sara reached her location for Internship in the Meydan Hotel in Dubai on October 13, 2017

Booked on flight 557 of Himalaya Airlines (H9) the group for Internship
in the 5* Hotel Meydan in Dubai transferred from Tribhuvan Intl. Airport (KTM) at 10:40
to reach Al Maktoum Intl. Airport (DWC) around 13:25. After going through the procedure
for verification of the Visa and adding the usual Stamps in the Passport they were awaited
for transport to the Hotel where they got their Rooms, including a small Kitchen.
Sahara described it as 'we have very nice accommodation'.
First impression from the outside on orientation day.
The planned date for return is March 24 in 2018 AD.

Dutch Immigration Service forced to end the procedure.

Dutch Immigration Service (IND) kept extending the procedure for Visa
and workingpermit for Sahara, even more than a month after the deadline.
With ever new questions that are irrelevant they tried to justify
their policy to refuse the requested Visa based on legal arguments.
Probably the comparison with the allowed entry of Saharas classmate
was to painfull for the officials to confess.
Based on this situation the ever new question they posted a full month
after the deadline was answered with the demand to post a disputable decision
that can be presented to independent Justice.
This led to formal rejection of the procedure without compensation.

Results of the final Exams of 4th Semester.

The results of the final Exams of 4th Semester Bachelor Hospitality Management (BHM)
at SilverMountain have been published this Tuesday November 28, 2017 AD.
For Sahara the results are on a splendid level, Average 82 points.
With these results Sara is 6th again in her group. For details see
Results Final Exams 4th Sem. line 32.

Services of Meydan Hotel also in Meydan Resort Bab Al Shams

For a Christmas Brunch by Meydan in the 5 * Resort "Bab Al Shams" (pathway to the Sun)
Sara did service for some 1500 Guests.
Some impressions:
Bab Al Shams Table at Bab Al Shams 1500 Guests at Bab Al Shams

Reminder about the end of the Internships

In the Month October 2017 the Internship for Sara and her Classmates began.
In the documentation around this Internship the Returndate to Kathmandu
has been specified as March 24, 2018 as it would be for her Internship
in the Netherlands, but actually this date was connected to the final flight
of this Airline in the Winterschedule.
The returndate is now known as 'during the first week of May 2018'.

The Return-date from Internship now is confirmed

The finish of the Internship in Dubai for Sahara and her Classmates
is now confirmed with the tickets of the Airline showing May 4, 2018
as date of the flight. This is planned as Flight H9 566 of Himalaya Airlines
to be executed by Airbus 320, starting 03:30 local time from Dubai Intl.
Arrival-time in Kathmandu Tribhuvan is scheduled for 09:30 Nepal time.
See also

Farewelldinner of SMSH interns, of the Servicedept., of all interns and on the airport.

Start of 6th Semester is right next to the return from Internship

All of the students for Bachelor in Hotelmanagement at SilverMountain
have now returned from their respective Internships.
The last group came from Dubai on Friday May 4, so they had just a weekend to recover.
The 6th Semester is starting this Monday, May 7 2018 and runs over 6 months.

h4>The Schedule for 6th Semester of 2015 Batch SMSH is published

The new Semester is filled with 'title' Authentic, Creative and Sustainable.
For details see this Schedule: 6th Semester 2015 Batch.
Sara is placed in section B for this scheme.

The Internship of Sahara in Dubai resulted in 2 Certificates

During Saras internship she worked intensely to accommodate the
precious Guests of the Meydan Hotel, routinely for 'Food and Beverage'
and exceptionally in support for the organization of the 23rd World Cup 2018
Both are rewarded with a personal Certificate for Sahara, signed and sealed
with stamps and signatures of the appropriate management of Meydan.
certificate of appreciation certificate of internship

Details of the supervisionclasses posted

For the coming weeks a detailed schedule is posted where
for the tasks of Bakery, Housekeeping, Service, Front Office and Kitchen.
the students of BHM 2015 Batch are supposed to have supervision tasks
in a duty-schedule as published,
supervision Bakery supervision tasks

Final Report on 5th Semester Internship available

The final report of the internship-candidates of the 2015 Batch
of Silver Mountain HotelManagement School is delivered.
The Management Summary of Saharas report says:

        Executive summary
The following is an internship report devised by me
based on my personal internship experience in a hotel.
This experience was for a span of six months.
This report is essentially a presentation of my education background
and its relevant application in the professional spheres of hotel management.

Read the complete report here:
Internship at Meydan Dubai.

Final Report of the Supervision Task

The final report of the Supervision Task during 5th Semester
of Sahara Giri is published.

Read this report here: supervision final report to submit.

Tourist Report on SAL-Island valued highest Score

With the presentation of the Tourist Report as task for 6th Semester
the scientific analyses and the presentation of this subject
got valued with all 15 of the maximal 15 points.
Read the Tourist Report on
SAL Island.
See the presentation of this report.

The last year of the BHM course by SilverMountain is formally at Queen Margaret University

The students that are expected to do the 7th semester of the BHM course
got an invitation to matriculate as student at the University in Edinburgh.
This subscription is supposed to be done by the end of August 2018.
From that day on they will get a lecturer from Scotland and all of their
certificates will be recognized and awarded by Queen Margaret University.

The 4th academic year of BHM is defined along the Scottish Academic Year

As published earlier the 7th Semester of BHM at SilverMountain has been
redefined along the guidelines of the Scottish Academic Year.
This results in a limited 6th semester of no more than 4 months.
The 7th Semester is divided in two Trimesters, the first from September 23
ending December 28, the second Trimester runs from January 3 till March 28, 2019.
All reports and exams will be sent to QMU Edinburgh for evaluation and validation.
Thus all Certificates will come from this University.

The Scheme of the final Exams of 6th Semester is available now

The final exams for 6th Semester of the BHM course for the 2015 batch
has now been published: starting Monday August 20 with Tourist Practises and Principles
followed by Strategic Management on Tuesday August 21,
next is Event Management Wednesday August 22, while Thursday August 23, 2018 AD
the list is closed with Principles of Management.
See also the SilverMountain Publication SMSH-Sara/exam-schedule final of 6th semester BHM.jpg
This publication erroneously mentions 2016 Batch.

The schedule for 7th Semester BHM of Batch 2015 is set

The setup of the instructions during the first Trimester in 7th Semester
has been defined in cooperation with Queen Margareth University Edinburgh.
This results in subdividing the group of students in four: A, B, C and D.
During this Trimester there are 3 subjects in 3 different rooms,
where each subject is presented in the room of the Teacher for that subject.
The subjects are Business Report Management, Sustainable Tourism and Strategic Management.
Sara is in Group C for this trimester, starting September 23, ending December 28, 2018 AD.
SMSH-Sara/classroom-schedule-7th-sem-1st-trim-batch-2015.jpg for the schedule of the locations.

The results of the final Exams 6th Semester are announced

Details for the different candidates and their scores over the various
subjects are published. For Sara it is confirmed she succeeded
for all subjects with an average of 77%.
SMSH-Sara/results of final exams 6th sem. august 2018 Batch-2015 SMSH BHM.jpg for the page with her scores.

The exams for mid-7th-semester are scheduled

Starting December 20, 2018 the midterm exams for 7th semester
of the BHM education for Batch 2015 will start.
In detail this course has exams on December 21, 24 and 27.
Following these exams the deadline for delivering the written
reports and/or essays are set to January 3, 5 and 7 in 2019
For details see
SMSH-Sara/7th-sem-1st-trim-exam-schedule.pngSaras Status Page.
The first of these exams was reported as average,
the second one as today exam was so good I m feeling very satisfy today.

The 2nd schedule for 7th Semester BHM of Batch 2015 is set

The setup of the instructions during the second Trimester in 7th Semester
has been defined in cooperation with Queen Margareth University Edinburgh.
This results in subdividing the group of students in four: A, B, C and D.
During this Trimester there are 3 subjects in 4 different rooms,
where each subject is presented in the room of the Teacher for that subject.
The subjects are New Enterprise Creation (NEC), Tourism and Developing Countries (TDC).
and Contemporary Food and Drinks (CFD).
This trimester is starting January 21, 2019 AD and takes around 4 months.
SMSH-Sara/classroom schedule 7th sem 2nd trimester batch 2015 SMSH - kopie.jpg for the schedule of the locations.

Results of the mid-7th-semester are documented

Though the comments are not available yet it is now confirmed
that the results of all reports and presentations of Saras work
are sufficient to continue her course.
With 40% demanded all Saras scores are over 42% up to 62%.

Placement for the final (8th) semester has been announced

For the final semester of the BHM Batch 2015 in SMSH
the placement for their Management Training Internship is decided.
For Sara and some of her close friends this has been allocated
to the brand new Rixos Hotel on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi.
This internship is supposed to start in the first week of May 2019.
More details about this semester will follow soon.

The final exams of 7th Semester are planned

The final exams and report-presentations are planned from April 1 up to April 22.
The first report has to be submitted April 1, next April 7 and last one on April 11.
On April 4 there is one written exam.
The presentations of the reports go to April 17 and 22.

The final exams have been finished

The final exams of 7th Semester for Sara,
including the presentations of the reports, have been done with "Wonderfull Results".
The last presentation, planned for April 22 has shifted to April 18,
so the series of exams is complete.
Now Sara can relax, just waiting for the formal evaluation...

Placement for 8th semester confirmed changed

The offer for Sara and some of her friends to do 8th semester
at the Rixos Hotel as announced earlier has been confirmed replaced by
an offer for placement in Dubai in the Dubai Beach Hotel Resort & Spa.
The hotel offered a standard wage as obliged by the local law.
Apart from these wages an invoice was sent to cover the total one-time cost
of Ticket, Insurance and Visa. This invoice was erroneously interpreted first
to be used as contribution to the wages. The school urged the students
to investigate the situation. Their final decision was to accept the offer
any other solution found resulted in higher cost and lower wages..
Reason to change the placement was a difference between written details
from the agent and from the Rixos Hotel.
Now 3 of the candidates, including Sara, are going to Dubai,
starting May 15 2019 for 6 months.

Complementary to this placement at SilverMountain was a simple
ceremony to say Goodbye and wish Farewell to the students that started
their education in Batch 2015. The third out of five pictures is here:
For details see SMSH-Sara/CC010109-6BDA-4C82-8BE3-E694BA4BB251.png Sara is first row, 4th from the left
The other 4 groups of candidates:
SMSH-Sara/57649144_1444734845669172_8324440651726848000_o.jpg SMSH-Sara/57798610_1444734652335858_2054390249039069184_o.jpg SMSH-Sara/58460706_1444734309002559_6272077287949074432_o.jpg SMSH-Sara/58375331_1444734235669233_5670063086552219648_o.jpg

See also News about Nepal.

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