To the sponsors.

By the end of the first Semester of Saras course in SMSH she wrote a letter
to thank you for your effort to sponsor her further education to the level of
Bachelor in HotelManagement.

This letter is reproduced here, with some minor modifications
like 'end of line-codes' or blank lines to improve readability.

Her remark in one af the last Paragraphs about early start of the day
is part of the situation that blocks her in getting an Income of her own
during weekdays. Jobs for Saturday or Sunday only are not available.
This is partly compensated by the reduction she gets for the Tuition.
Normal Tuition is 70000 Roepie per Semester. Her reduction is 15000.

Kees P. Kieft


Dear sponsors Namestha...

I am really thankful and glad that u all have help me by contributing me
for my further study. I have never thought in my life that one day I will reach in this position .
today where I am is just because of your kind help.

I was a little girl working in the lodge in my village when Liza ,
Ingrid ,Jimi, Carla, Ben and other meet me.
since then I got an opportunity to get involved in study in the Kathmandu .

I have always labour hard from my childhood in order to be an
independent and different person in my society.
I don't want to be like my sister and other friend who didn't get an
opportunity to go to school.

Today I have pass out my plus two and reach in bachlor degree this was
my dream which I used to see since my childhood. I never thought how
will I reach in this stage but I realized that nothing can stop to a
willing heart and best things that I have learnt in my life was each
problem comes along with solution in life.
And you all are the solution of my life.

It's very kind of you that u have help me knowing that to earn money in
life is such a huge difficult task .
But honestly you will be remember by me through out my life .
it's not necessary to be a social worker or have to contribute a lot to
get name and fame but u have help to a such a girl that really want to
achieve something and that's me.

Thank you so much for building up my carrier.
I will miss u all through out my life both in my success and when I am
in difficulty suitation because u all are my strength of my life....

Well if I have to talk about silver mountation college than its a really
good one buts it's little bit far away from my room need to go earlier
so that I don't not get stock in jam and miss my classes.
I love all the subject.
From third semister I will be learning french language as well which is
gointo be really interesting for me ..

Hope will soon have a wonderful conversation in next mail...
Thank you .

lots of love ..

Namestha ..