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From: Arno Slater <>
Date: 06 July 2019 at 13:09:28 GMT+4
Subject: Fantastic Service


General Manager, Roger Azouri.

We are tourists from Knysna, South Africa (Mr and Mrs Arnold / Sophia Slater) and we are accommodated in Room 2301 from 27 June until tomorrow, 7 July 2019 (9 nights).

It should be noted that we have in the past visited Dubai for business reasons and therefore, we have ample experience of what is on offer at varies hotels accross the Emirates.

Before, we comment further, allow me to blame ourselves for visiting Dubai during SUMMER...definitely, HELL on earth ....however, we will be coming back to Dubai in WINTER.

For the record, due to the excellent service provided by your well trained and friendly staff, our stay in the HEAT no doubtedly was made reasonably comfortable and pleasant.

However, we would be unreasonable not to point out the following features of your young lady, Sahara Giri (Sahara) who is employed daily in your breakfast room:

1.Each morning Sahara welcomed us with a broad and friendly smile whilst showing utmost respect and superb professionalism.

2.From the first day we met Sahara, she expressed a deep, responsible and very caring understanding for the fact that Arnold is a DIABETIC who is challenged each day knowing what to eat from the buffet.

3.Without reminding Sahara of what Arnold may or may not eat, she would effortlessly and voluntarily without any fuss arrange and serve us at the table with all our needs without neglecting anyone else in the breakfast room.

4.Sahara is a shining “DIAMOND” that requires additional challenges and responsibilities as we believe she is capable of far more responsibilities perhaps in the capacity of a supervisor in the near future.

5.My wife and I observed that Sahara is always looking for work and never stands back when service is required...for instance, it was very satisfying to observe that as soon as a customer has finished a meal, she would without any hesitation, immediately clean the respect station of used plates and other used utensils and provide where necessary fresh crockery and utensils.

Due to the fact that we own 2 upmarket sea side Residential Lodges in South Africa with permanent employees, we believe, we are ideally positioned to deliver constructive and positive critisim.

Lastly, the only dissappointment we have that you cannot assist with is that Sahara and other colleagues like her CAN SADLY NOT BE PHOTOSTATED and distributed to work in many other Hotels who would most definitely benefit largely from the excellent service rendered by them.

Lastly, when we return to Dubai during WINTER, we will definitely be booking at your Hotel again. are really running a great operation that everyone can be proud of in Dubai...well greased and managed machine the truly lives upto your BRAND NAME- “GREAT HOTELS OF THE WORLD”

Kind regards

Arnold and Sophia
Tel nr. +27824590425

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