Some presentations by Sahara Giri

For best results one got to be motivated.

This is illustrated with a powerpoint presentation that is available as Video

An example of a function in Hotelmanagement.

A presentation to understand the importance of the function is presented
in a Video about the role of the Concierge in a decent Hotel

This Group-Project illustrates the level of BHM-Tasks

In a PowerPoint Presentation, here converted to a Video,
an Investigation of feasibility for a new Restaurant with "Taste of the South" is documented.

Official comparison of Education in Nepal to the Dutch Schooling System

The Dutch Ministery of Education has made an overview of the Nepalese levels
of Education compared to the Dutch recognition of Diplomas.
An extended overview is presented here,
to value the Diplomas this document is extracted from

A series of Pictures illustrates a Touristic Project in 6th Semester BHM

To see this series view the Hiking page.
This Hiking Project is an ECO-Touristic Project to promote visiting
a Homestay Community that is opened and maintained by Women
at walking distance of the city of Kathmandu.
For this Purpose the Inhabitants are interviewed while having a common Meal together.
Secondary Purpose is to help economic growth of this initiative.